Predictability Returns to the Premier League.

It's been hailed as one of the most open seasons for a long time. The promoted teams playing exciting football and pulling off some remarkable results; the illustrious Liverpool falling down the league at a fair rate of knots; the illustrious Manchester United having problems; the not yet illustrious Manchester City once again continuing to be both hopeless and dislikable at their quest for trophies; Tottenham continue to be good and Chelsea smashing teams aside with frightening ease. 

But perhaps last weekend showed that the league has retained a certain amount of... predictability shall we say. Liverpool are back on form, having turned yet another corner, and also showed that Chelsea weren't totally indestructable with a  2-0 win at Anfield. Torres, who also turned that corner, getting both the goals, surprise surprise.

Elsewhere Manchester United shockingly won against an overachieving Wolves side and Owen Hargreaves got injured. West Brom were beaten by Manchester City and Mario Balotelli got himself sent off. Everyone's reputation remained intact. 

Although there were still a couple of "upsets" that persisted. Arsenal fell victim to Andy Carroll and Bolton resoundingly beat Spurs 4-2. 

However are these even considered upsets anymore? Last week it wasn't too difficult to imagine that Wolves would beat Man City and the rise of the promoted sides also wasn't totally out of this world. This week it was quite within the realms of sanity to predict a Bolton win. A favourite statistic making the rounds at the moment is Tottenham's record post Champions League fixtures. 

Perhaps the very fact that I am noting these previously predictable results is that they themselves are now "upsets." Maybe it is in fact shocking to see Manchester City beat West Brom away. Certainly he form book suggests so. Or maybe it is just astounding the Owen Hargreaves still exists. Albeit temporarily. 

Of course the only true upset of the week has got to go to FC United of Manchester. The non-leaguers knocked out Rochdale in the FA Cup in a great game for the neutral. And while it may not be totally relevant to this post the intriguing possibility that MK Dons could meet AFC Wimbledon makes the mouth moist. 

The Manchester derby tomorrow will be a true test of whether or not the Premier League has lost it's predictability. Shock United win anyone?

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